Meeting, Conference, Incentive and Events. 

Arctic Norway has all what it takes to make your meeting, conference, incentive or other events a lasting memory for life. 

Arctic Norway is spacious and enlightening for meetings, a place to be inspired by the living and thriving forces for nature next to the North pole. A unique and special place on earth for incentive that has proven to make the impossible possible, to push the boundaries of what you thought you were capable of.

From the high majestic mountains stretching up from the deep fjords to the polar regions of the Svalbard archipelago, this is a place where you always find yourself connected to nature, people, and local culture. 

With one of Norway’s largest universities as well as major headquarters for Aquaculture, Marine technology, Medicine, Satellite systems, space research and fisheries, Arctic Norway is a powerhouse of innovation and environmental research. 

We welcome you on a journey of change. Arctic Norway where together we can share knowledge, create a global impact and through our local approach, leave a legacy in this changing world with meeting, conference, incentive and events.

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Cultural natural and gastronomic

Arctic gastronomy

Arctic Norway offers international meeting planners a wide selection of unique and outstanding destinations that will guarantee productive, creative, and spectacular meetings and events in a spacious and enlightening environment that you can only find here in the Arctic regions.

The cultural, natural, and gastronomic diverse richness in Arctic Norway makes our destination a perfect choice for your next meeting, incentive, conference, or event.

Arctic gastronomy

See the big picture

A personal incentive


You know them by the dozens; Instagram friendly spots located around the globe, that you can check off the list and forget the moment you leave.
This is not what Arctic Norway is about. The true incentive for coming here is to meet, befriend, connect, and share knowledge with folk from all over the world.
To feel welcomed and to welcome others to your mindset and values. Let Arctic Norway change your perception of the world through experiencing and not just snapping it.


Live Learning

Bring your conference out of the box

No matter if you are a group of 20 or 2000 or more, we offer you top modern conference facilities, high speed internet – available for both hybrid meeting solutions and inhouse connectivity, as well as providing a comfortable conference environment.

But what Arctic Norway can offer which is out of the ordinary are unique locations for “Live Learning”, such as masterclasses from local professionals who have mastered techniques developed over 1000´s of years in the Arctic environment and are keen to share their knowledge with you as well as enabling you and your group to think outside the box.

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Featured destinations

By the way...

Connections to major hubs in Europe

It is possible to reach the main destinations and hubs in Arctic Norway directly from several major airports in Europe and the UK.

We have an extensive network of airlines and airports bringing you to the doorstep of your Arctic Norway conference or incentive trip.

meeting conference incentive events

Arctic Norway Convention Bureau is a CVB covering the region of Arctic Norway and Svalbard.

Arctic Norway Convention Bureau is your profesional partner in Northern Norway and Svalbard. We will ensure that your entire workforce will receive a mind changing experience.

We cooperate closely with our extensive network of partners and together we offer all the support you need to ensure successful congresses, events, meetings and incentives in the Arctic Norway region.

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