The Arctic Caribbean!

Sommarøy is a vibrant coastal community with 450 inhabitants.

Located 45 minutes from Tromsø Airport, Langnes, Sommarøy Arctic Hotel offers you a different conference style hotel containing both new hotel rooms and seaside-cabins.

Guests from around the globe meet here, to participate in meetings and conferences with a unique coastal scenery, top technical equipment, activities for all seasons, local food and local fishing village culture dating back nearly 1000 years.

Sommarøy Arctic Hotel offers its conference guests the possibility to walk just outside the meeting room, lean back and look up to be enchanted by the green flames of the Aurora Borealis in the winter, conversely enjoy the rays of the Midnight sun.

The Aurora and the midnight sun can both be enjoyed from or seaside bathhouse with sauna and hot tubs in the evening while enjoying a 360-degree view of the coastal islands.