A state of mind

This is what
Arctic Thinking®
is all about

Arctic Thinking is about collaborating to explore and to develop prosperous solutions – north of the ordinary. It´s the result of necessity of trust under challenging conditions, evolved through generations of fishermen, hunters, sailors, merchants, farmers, and nomads – all dependent on each other.

Today we are all global players, tightly connected and dependent on each other. That´s why collaboration and the search for new solutions is more important than ever. Arctic Thinking is our way, we hope to inspire you.

For us, Arctic Thinking is both our brand and a promise of giving greater value and meaning to those who visit Arctic Norway from all over the world.

When you are planning your next meeting, incentive, conference, or event look north to Arctic Norway, with our spacious nature, stunning wilderness combined with the modern urban cities and towns. Let Arctic Norway be your opportunity and inspiration to be enlightened, to develop thriving business opportunities, to share knowledge and to connect.


Arctic Norway is like nowhere you have been before

From every city and town centre in Northern Norway, you can reach total silence and untouched nature within a 30 minutes’ drive. A stunning wilderness unlike anything you have seen or experienced before. The perfection of a living and thriving nature that inspires you to look towards new and creative solutions.


Think into the light

Developing an organization or a personal skill is all about being enlightened

Jump onboard to experience the adventures of Arctic Norway and let your thoughts dive into the wilderness. Observe how the light changes the minds perspective on what you think is ahead of you. You cannot find a better spot to enlighten and enrich yourself than Arctic Norway.


The necessity of trust, collaboration and innovation

Let’s be honest: Arctic Norway is not the place to bring your clients or firm if you seek the beach life and lazy days. Arctic Norway is a deep dive into the art of development under challenging conditions, to understand the real power of trust and collaboration which has brought prosperity and sustainability to this region over thousands of years.

The art of Arctic Thinking®.


Building business opportunities for 1000 years

The Arctic Vikings started a 1000 year long legacy of global trade. Today, Arctic Norway continues this legacy by being one of the largest suppliers of fish and marine technology to the world. Centered at the cross point of cutting-edge innovation and enormous access to natural resources, Arctic Norway is taking a lead towards future sustainable solutions. We are eager to share our creativity, knowledge, and culture with you.

North of the ordinary

Arctic Norway Convention Bureau is a CVB covering the region of Arctic Norway and Svalbard.

Arctic Norway Convention Bureau is your profesional partner in Northern Norway and Svalbard. We will ensure that your entire workforce will receive a mind changing experience.

We cooperate closely with our extensive network of partners and together we offer all the support you need to ensure successful congresses, events, meetings and incentives in the Arctic Norway region.

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